It’s almost time to submit your supporting documentation. How and where should you start?

Applications for the autumn 2020 admission have closed. So what’s next for those who were successful in submitting their application on January 15th? It’s time to put your supporting documentation together. This documentation is proof of your eligibility to study at Malmö University!

There is so much information to sift through but worry not, I’m here to give you facts and tips before you submit your eligibility documentation. First things first, take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Regroup. Let’s go!

How should you prepare to submit your supporting documentation? Not sure where to start? Here’s a step-by-step on what you should begin with:

1. Start by checking what supporting documentation your course and the University requires. Some courses require a letter of motivation, your curriculum vitae or some other documentation.

When I was applying for the Leadership for Sustainability programme, one of the supporting documentation they required was a summary of my project paper from my bachelor’s degree. So, be careful to check what documentation your programme requires!

2. Next, check the required documentation for eligibility at University Admissions here: Documenting your eligibility for studies

This means your transcripts, certificates, and English proficiency test results. For master’s applicants, there are some cases where you don’t have to submit proof of English proficiency. You can check these further here: English Requirements

You can also check country-specific requirements here: Country Specific Requirements

3. Make sure you upload your documentation in the right format as required by University admissions. The last thing you want is to have your application delayed or rejected.

Scan all of your original documentation in its original form. For instance, if your original transcripts are in color, make sure you scan and submit them in color. Once you’re ready, you can upload your supporting documentation by logging into your University admissions account (the same account you submitted your application to).

4. Applicants from EU countries have the opportunity to apply in the second round for the autumn 2020 intake. If you’re from the EU, in case your documents weren’t ready or you missed the first round of applications, you can apply in the second round. This round is not recommended for international applicants from outside of the EU.

Now you’ve submitted your documentation, congratulations! Now, the waiting game begins. While you wait, keep in mind these important dates:

• February 3rd – Deadline to submit supporting documentation proving eligibility
• February 10th – Swedish Institute Scholarships open
• April 3rd – Notification of results for master’s applicants
• April 15th – Applications for the second round for EU applicants open
• April 20th – Notification of results for bachelor’s applicants
• April – Malmö University scholarships open (you’ll get a notification email from Malmö University)

The application process is user-friendly and all of the information to your questions is on the University admissions page, but if you get stuck, you can send an email to! All the best.

Meet Tapiwa…

Hej! My name is Tapiwa Bokosi from the Warm Heart of Africa Lilongwe, Malawi. Besides being a place with warm and welcoming people, is it also known for its beautiful Lake of Malawi.

I’m studying a one-year master’s in Leadership for Sustainability here at Malmö University. Prior to starting school, I worked as the PR and Communications Manager at Malawi’s first technology and innovation hub. I worked on projects that were designed to equip youth and entrepreneurs with resources to create solutions to some of the country’s social, environmental and economic issues such as youth unemployment, waste management, and human rights violations, to name a few. That’s where my passion for sustainable development grew and opened up my world to how the private sector can tackle global challenges and create solutions.

What made a girl from Malawi choose to study in Malmö, Sweden, you ask? Here are my top three reasons why!

  1. Sweden is in the top five of the most sustainable countries. Sweden has great recycling systems (we’ll talk more about that in a later blog) and encourages a green way of life. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to learn more about sustainability!
  2. Malmö has inhabitants from 170 countries. I love diversity and there’s nothing that makes me more excited than making friends from different parts of the world! You can read more on diversity in Malmö here:
  3. Malmö University offers English-taught and multidisciplinary degree programmes. Need I say more? The programme I chose demonstrated a good fit that aligned with my leadership experience, social impact ambitions and ignited my passion for sustainability.

In my leisure time…

In between studying and assignments, I like to hang out and cook with friends, go bowling, binge on my favorite shows on Netflix, attend church service and other events at Hillsong Malmö, and explore the city! I also work as a Student Assistant for the Marketing and Recruitment office at Malmö University. To give back to the community, I became a mentor at Malmö University’s Näktergalen Mentorship programme.

Over the next few months…

I will be sharing with you about my experiences here in Malmö! The purpose of this blog is to help you prepare for your move to Malmö and starting your academic journey at Malmö University. During these next few months, I’ll be giving you tips on completing your application, getting a residence permit, how to prepare for your stay in Malmö, the cost of living, and more!



My name is Ashish Aryal and I’m from Chitwan, a beautiful place in the middle part of Nepal surrounded by forests and big rivers.

I’m studying International Migration and Ethnic Relations three-year bachelor program in the Malmö University. Currently, I am staying in the Rönnen International student Housing. I decided to study in the Malmö University because of how multi-cultural the city of Malmö is. I have always enjoyed getting involved with people from different backgrounds. The student housing also provides a great opportunity to mingle with students from all walks of life from five continents. This has provided me an immersive and practical way to learn more about different culture.

Except for studying and hanging out with my floor mates, I am very interested on Photography, although I am not very good. I love to explore new places and I absolutely love hiking. On the lecture day, I usually hangout in the Orkanen library to prepare myself.

Besides these, I am also RA (Resident Assistant) for Rönnen International Student Housing. This requires me to assist the tenants with anything necessary. I and other fellow RAs also organise various activities for tenants at the Rönnen and help them settle in. As RA, I work with the University closely to make life for students comfortable and easy.

One of the main purposes of writing this blog is to give the upcoming batch of students a first-hand idea of how the life in Malmo and Student Housing is. Along with this, this blog will also guide the accepted students on how to get ready before your arrival. Moreover, I will also write about the process of admission to the University and the process of applying for resident permit. All in all, this blog will help everyone who is planning to study in Malmo University with topics on application process, resident permit process, housing and lifestyle.