A day in the Design Faculty Office, UT Austin

First, a piece of information. There are two blogs describing our stay in Austin, this one which is mainly about academic stuff and teaching, and a more family/school/leisure oriented blog (austin.asaharvard.com) co-written with my husband and sons.

We have a temporary Design Faculty Office, situated in the Arts building, housing 10 faculty from the Design Department. Three of us are new to UT, and we enjoy sitting in the same space, sharing experiences and questions.

I co-teach with Kelcey Grey, and today we have office hours, meaning that our students may visit if they need to see us (so far no visitors). We co-teach the class “Images in Communication”, meeting Monday and Wednesday, a first section (10 students) from 11 am -2 pm, a second section (20 students) 2 pm-5 pm. Classes started Wednesday last week. As in Malmö we use Canvas for schedules and course documents.

Retrofuturistic! I am taking a class on electronic music in this fantastic location

Students are in their first or second year, younger than those I am used to teaching.

The start of the semester has offered Design department kickoffs, School of Design and CreativeTechnology(SDCT) kickoff, plus intro for new staff of the College of Fine Arts (where the SDCT is part, together with Performing Arts, Art History and Music). This was fun since we got a tour of the buildings, housing several theatres and concert halls, costume workshops, scenography workshops etc.