About the project

TiMS’ originality lies in:

  • A multidisciplinary and innovative approach to tourism studies, including design, social work, migration studies, marketing and interaction design, placing it in the forefront of technical and methodological development.
  • The ability to reach actual practical and societal change through collaboration between research and practice through action-oriented research.
  • Studies in Sweden and four non-European countries (Kenya, China, Japan and the US) broadens and deepens the understanding and conceptualisation of sustainable and inclusive forms of tourism and place branding.

Four work packages

TiMS embraces a broad conceptualisation of sustainability that includes social, cultural, economic, political and environmental issues. We focus especially on social issues, however, regard all sustainability perspectives as interrelated. TiMS consists of four work packages that will untangle the role of tourism in multicultural societies.

WP1: Project coordination
WP2: Multiple identities in place branding and sustainable tourism destinations
WP3: Multiculturalism and participation in sustainable tourism and place development
WP4: Tourism as facilitator of integration and plurality in sustainable societies

Our aim:

  • To ensure successful execution and coordination of the project.
  • To understand how the plurality of places and destinations is communicated, represented and experienced.
  • To understand participatory processes and its results, e.g. who governs, who is included, whose views are considered legitimate, and how conflicts are handled.
  • To explore the potential of tourism to strengthen relationships, contribute to intercultural exchanges between people, and create multidimensional destinations.